Improving Family Quality of Life
Welcome to Developmental Discoveries, LLC
Karen BeaversDo you want your child to:

  • be prepared educationally, emotionally and socially?
  • fully access the information in their environments?
  • learn, grow and change?
  • learn best from your guidance in all their environments?
  • reach their full potential as human beings?

I can help you reach your goals and priorities for your child.  I have been working with children for over 17 years.  I provide community based rehabilitative services (CBRS) for children birth to age 3 who are born premature and/or exhibit developmental delays such as autism, cerebral palsy, speech and language delay, Down syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction and behavior challenges. As an Early Intervention Specialist, I teach strategies to the child, parents and caregivers.  I create opportunities to embed strategies into the child’s day that are both child and parent directed.  It is important to guide children throughout a variety of everyday routines as well as play activities.

I provide Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) for families of infants, children and adults living with autism or related concerns.  Being a RDI Certified Program Consultant I am trained to target social interactions and dynamic thinking skills with individuals on the autism spectrum.  RDI is a home-based, parent-led program in which parents are taught how to function as a 'guide' to facilitate their child's mental growth.

Developmental Discoveries was created to meet the needs of families. Parents are their child’s best and most motivated teacher.  I share detailed summaries of each session for families to reference as we work toward their goals.  Having earned a Masters degree in Early Intervention and Family Support from UNC, I use my past education and experiences to teach parents how to guide their child to engage in and learn from their environments based on their child’s individual learning needs.

I look forward to meeting you!

Karen Beavers, M.Ed., ITFS, Certified RDI Program Consultant