Improving Family Quality of Life
About Me

I am a mother to 2 boys:  Andrew and Owen.  My life as a mother continues to teach me so much about development, temperament, patience and enjoying the small moments in life. I work daily on extending grace and acceptance to myself on this journey so I can extend it to my family and to others on their journey.

I attended UNC-Chapel Hill for  my undergraduate and graduate studies in early intervention. I worked 8 years in private and public classroom settings with preschool children with developmental disabilities.  I became frustrated with how little time I was able to spend helping families in their relationships with their children.  I loved being in the classroom teaching, but I wanted parents to gain confidence in their abilities to guide their children at home as well.

In March 2007 I began training to become a certified consultant for Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) while still teaching in the classroom.  In June 2007 I decided to leave the classroom and begin my own business, Developmental Discoveries, LLC.  I worked with families implementing RDI as a certified RDI consultant for 12 years.

In April 2017 I became a Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator.  COSP  is a trauma-informed intervention as it understands, recognizes, and responds to how trauma affects our behaviors and relationships. COSP is a relationship-based evidence-based healing program that emphasizes physical, psychological and emotional safety and helps parents rebuild a sense of control and empowerment by learning to observe and interpret their children's behavior (and their responses) using the Circle of Security.

I collaborate with families to explore, learn and engage to gain confidence in their abilities to guide and interact with their children. I collaborate with individuals throughout the lifespan.

I have observed significant improvements in each family's quality of life both in their home and in the community. We celebrate each small step their child makes toward greater independence and developing their unique sense of self. 

My passion is empowering each individual to discover their own sensory, cognitive and emotional needs to create a safe environment to learn and grow.  We celebrate and embrace our neurodiversity.

Look forward to meeting you.

Karen Beavers, M.Ed.
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