Improving Family Quality of Life
My Services


  • I provide individualized family intervention by collaborating with each parent to identify strengths and needs in relating to their child.
  • I provide Circle of Security Parenting classes for families individually and in groups.
  • I help coordinate services and resources.
  • I provide intervention services for children birth to adults.
  • I collaborate with each parent to explore, test out and practice family supports for your child and his/her siblings to create a cohesive life at home.
  • I create social stories and visual supports as needed to meet a child's current needs.
  • I consult with each parent, teacher, psychologist, counselor, occupational therapist, and speech pathologist to coordinate services to make sure we are looking at every aspect of your child to develop a unified plan.
  • Most importantly, I provide encouragement and guidance to each individual in the family to develop and expand self advocacy 

Adult individuals:

  • I partner with adults living on their own, with parents or in supported apartments.
  • I empower each individual as we explore and build employment opportunities, social opportunities and relationships within the community.
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